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Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

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Braces and Invisalign in Orange County obtain numerous parents setting appointments to get their children’s smiles fixed, but adults are no stranger to getting theirs done as well. We provide comprehensive orthodontic treatment for adults who want a better and healthier-looking smile. However, orthodontics tend to put off adults for a variety of reasons. Here are some common reasons adult patients mention to us as to why they stay away from smile correction.

” I think I am too old”. When talking about orthodontic treatment, it is usually related to children and teens so a majority of adults might think that it is too late for them to correct their smile. Since its invention, it has never been said that adults are too old to receive the treatment they need to have a better smile.

Another common excuse adults like to say is that they dislike metal braces because it will make them look immature. Although brackets and wires are traditionally used, there are other options available for discreet and unnoticeable orthodontic treatment. Treatments like Invisalign and clear braces. These treatments have increasingly become popular and with today’s orthodontic treatment, adults can feel better about it because it is aesthetically pleasing.

Adults also complain about it being harder to eat and brush their teeth when on orthodontic treatments. Although there might be some changes to their daily routine, it will not be so greatly affected. Treatments like Invisalign make it easier to take care of than traditional metal braces while clear braces do contain brackets and wires, our team will help to demonstrate and properly inform patients on how to brush and floss.

At Braces and Invisalign in OC, our team is prepared with orthodontic treatment options for adults. We are here to help every patient at any age live a bright and smiley life. Please contact us if you have any further questions about getting orthodontic treatment as an adult. We look forward to giving you the smile you deserve.

clean your new braces

Tips For Taking Care Of Your New Braces

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At The Orthodontic Center of Orange County, we do everything we can to ensure the time you spend wearing braces is the best experience possible. However, some issues may arise throughout your journey; we hope you take note of these tips and tricks to make your experience the best it can be.

take care of your new braces

1. Never Stop Smiling!

Although you have now braces, that shouldn’t hold you back from smiling. Over 4 million Americans wear braces, 25% of them being adults, so it is not something that you should be ashamed of. You would be surprised at how many individuals try and cover up their mouth when they have braces. Smiling can also be contagious, where as it only takes 17 muscles to smile, and 43 muscles to frown.

2. Carry Orthodontic Wax with You

When you first receive your braces or go for a monthly check up to tighten the brackets, it is normal to feel some discomfort within your mouth. It is always a great idea to keep orthodontic wax with you at all times. The wax can act as a barrier between your cheeks/lips and the metal brackets/wires and eliminates the friction between the two causing less irritation and discomfort in your mouth. The orthodontic wax can help a bracket that may have fallen off, or if the wire is poking your cheeks. If you feel wires and brackets are causing too much irritation and you are in pain, please give us a call for further instructions.

3. When to Remove Your Rubber Bands

Rubber bands are what help your teeth shift into the place they need to be in. Even though you may be a little sore at first, make sure you are ONLY removing your rubber bands when you are about to eat or brush your teeth. If you are not constantly wearing your rubber bands, this may result in your time wearing braces being delayed or halted.

4. Check Braces for Bent or Lose Wires

Regularly When your teeth are shifting into the correct place, it is sometimes common to experience the wire poking into your cheeks and irritating your mouth. If this happens, you should call our office immediately to set up an appointment for repair. A tip in case of emergency is sanitizing finger nail clippers and having someone help you safely clip some of the wire.

5. Make a To-Go Braces Care Kit

A to-go kit can be a lifesaver in many different ways, including bringing the kit to school, to work, or leave it in your car for emergencies. Products that go inside the kit can include: A travel toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and more importantly, dental wax. Many patients have said they recommend having a to-go kit when you are a braces wearer. clean your new braces

6. Be Aware With Your Retainer

Don’t be fooled by the freedom you feel when you have your braces removed, it is relieving but you still need to maintain your new straight teeth. Wearing your new retainer is mandatory and the only way to make sure your teeth stay straight. We have a few different options when it comes to retainers, your orthodontist will provide you with the best option that he/she finds fitting for your lifestyle.

We hope you enjoyed learning about those tips and tricks and that you can use them in your routine with your new braces. Remember that if you have any problems with your braces to call us as we are here to help you throughout this journey.

Smiling Woman With Ceramic Braces

Orthodontic Myth: I’m Too Old for Braces

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Adolescents are generally common patients for braces, but, what about adults who seek to realign their teeth? It may seem taboo for adults to be wearing braces when it’s commonly seen on the younger generation, nonetheless braces welcome all ages who seek treatment for crooked teeth. If you question whether braces is age appropriate for you or wonder if there is an age limit to braces, follow our guidelines as we help to negate this theory.

Braces Are Fully-Customizable To Any Age

Braces are meant to treat misaligned teeth, malocclusions, and crowded teeth in all varying forms and ages. In our previous blog in Braces vs. Invisalign, we stated braces have continuously been transformed over the years to be more comfortable and effective to each patient. Whether you need minor shifts to your teeth or desiring a complete realignment, braces personalize your necessities to its proper treatment.

Types of Braces

 Traditional braces are not the only solution to perfecting someone’s smile. Look through this list for variations of braces fit for any age.

  • Ceramic Braces: Similar to standard braces, ceramic braces offer tooth-colored or clear brackets for those who feel embarrassed about distinctive traditional braces. They are also known for their difference in material compared to braces as they are formed by plastic and deliver an aesthetically pleasing look.
  • Six in 6: Known for a faster yet effective treatment for minor misaligned teeth, Six in 6 offers children and adults clear braces to treat crooked teeth in a manner of 6 months.
  • Invisalign: The most popular form of braces, Invisalign eliminates wires and brackets for a more comfortable and custom-made feel.

Same Process, Different Ages

 Both adolescents and adults undergo a similar process of diagnosis and treatment. As a patient, your teeth will be evaluated on the overall condition of your teeth and gum. Our doctor will decide which method of treatment best transforms your smile. Once treatment has been determined and accepted, there will be different stages of treatment such as bonding; banding, appliances and adjusting wires till all components are perfectly put into place.


 All ages will continuously go every 4-6 weeks to the Orthodontic center for wire adjustments. Depending on the necessity of the patient, treatment may last from 2 to 3 years. Some discomfort will be felt during the process of adjustments but can be alleviated with over the counter pain medications.

Need More Information?

Orthodontic Center of Orange County offers complimentary consultation to all ages who desire straighter teeth. Contact us today and begin the process of revamping your smile!

Top 5 Foods to Avoid When Wearing Braces

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Imagine yourself with family or friends at a buffet, you’re at the end of your meal and are salivating over what dessert to eat. The endless options of sweet pastries to varieties of ice cream, yogurt, and fruits all sound enticing to you. You decide to grab some hard cookies, gummy worms, and mini caramel squares until you sit down on the table and realize all of your choices will negatively affect your braces. Braces offer the opportunity to feel more confident in your smile post-treatment but can be restrictive to your favorite foods during treatment. It can be hard to remember what is allowed and what is not, luckily, we will go over the top 5 foods to avoid so you don’t find yourself in the same predicament.

Crunchy/Hard Foods

 Enjoying popcorn at the movies is a commonality for movie goers. Unfortunately, you’ll have to skip anything crunchy or hard-to-chew foods at the movies and anywhere else. Hard foods tend to damage your wires, brackets, and bonds since it may ultimately cause them to break entirely.

Gum and Chewy Foods

 We all enjoy a minty gum after a meal or feel the need to freshen up one’s breath but when it comes to braces; it’s time to switch to good old mints. Gum causes a lot of “sticky” issues for braces as it could pull your wires and brackets and could make cleaning a nightmare if it gets caught in your braces.

From bagels to beef jerky, chewy foods can affect your braces by bending the wires and breaking your brackets. Sticky and chewy foods should be avoided so they don’t damage your braces and prolong your treatment process.

High-Sugar Foods

Carbonated beverages and sugar delights are enticing for all those who have a sweet tooth and love to indulge in anything sugar based. Sugar is known for its bad effects on natural teeth but can be even worse on braces by being caught in between your braces and slowly damaging your tooth enamel.

Foods You Bite Into

 Other foods you may have to bite into, such as apples, corn, burgers, etc., all could potentially harm your braces by breaking and bending your brackets and wires. To avoid such damages, avoid eating corn on the cob and instead eat corn kennels, as well as eat sliced apples and small bite sized burgers.

What Can You Eat?

If you are curious about other foods to avoid and which delicious entrees you can eat, contact our dental office and get the full information. We are here to help with any questions regarding braces.